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Dean Supply.

There’s a place, easy to miss, practically underneath an old railroad line at Penn Ave. and 33rd. It’s the kind of place that can make your life easier.

Restaurant-supply store. Open to the public. Which not all of them are.

This one is Dean Supply. Not only does it sell in the kind of bulk or scale that a restaurant would need, it also sells piece by piece. So you may not need a $1,500 industrial gas fryer or a 120-quart aluminum stock pot — were you planning to feed the Steelers defensive line for a month? — but it’s also a place to find a small heat-resistant spatula for like a buck, buck and a half.

Having a party and need wine glasses? Need disposable serving trays? A serious mop?

A case of chef’s toques, perhaps?

A place like this buys wholesale, which depresses the prices. You won’t find Williams-Sonoma brand names here — no Le Creuset; I checked — but if what you really need are some decent soup bowls for $6 a pop, this is your place.

I think I’ve probably stocked a third of my kitchen at someplace similar. I mean, I’m not trying to sell you anything. But I like having options and I like going to a place where they take this stuff seriously.

Need plastic quart containers to store your homemade shrimp stock? Here they’re $3 for the reusable ones or twice that for 32 disposable ones and their lids.

Flatware? You can buy cheap spoons and the like by the dozen or by the piece. Want a glass beer pitcher you can take to get engraved for that special Pens fan? It’s $4 for the pitcher.

Whatever you need.

Even a strainer big enough to do prison laundry.

And of course, if you really have your heart set on that industrial immersion blender for $450, they have those, too.


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